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الأحد، 4 نوفمبر 2018

written expression page 58 English 3AS

التعبير الكتابي في مادة الإنجليزية للسنة الثالثة ثانوي صفحة 58 جديد وحصري على هذا الموقع

written expression page 58 English 3AS

Some people argue that counterfeiting benefits consumers by giving them access to lower-price goods, this is a totally mistaken claim
First, people who buy counterfeit goods pay much more than people who purchase genuine products because of the poor quality of counterfeits that do not last for long time for example: instead of buying a pair of original shoes that lasts for 3 years, you have to purchase at least 10 counterfeit shoes.
Secondly, piracy kills creativity, remember that when you download a movie from the internet without paying you are stealing it and by stealing movies, companies will lose a lot of money and then these companies will not create new movies again. In addition, it is the same thing for other products such as books.
Lastly, in my opinion, fake products kill people, and I do not mean just fake drugs that have a luck of active ingredient but even in other products such as car parts or airplane parts.
In a word, it is obvious that counterfeiting is a crime that we have to fight even for people who live with low budget I think that they had better buy used genuine products than buying fake ones.

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